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Bricks might seem a bit simple as a non-profit mission. In fact, because bricks are simple, they are perfect for young kids to engage their imagination and temporarily remove themselves from their rough situation. Most of all, playing with bricks allows a kid to just be a kid.

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For the last year, Adam has helped connect local kids with brick here in Houston, Texas. Some of his friends know him as Adam Brick Guy because he always talks about helping kids by giving them bricks and playing with them. Adam’s passion for bricks and helping kids comes from the fact that he understands that childhood is an absolutely necessary part of life for all kids!

In the beginning, Adam purchased most of the bricks for the kids out of his own pocket. Giving both the bricks and his time to local kids is pretty impressive given that he was newly employed coming from being a poor grad student!

The Creation of Adam Brick Guy Project!   This is a brick by brick, kid by kid grassroots project that spreads the joys of building bricks with kids from various local charities that need a chance at having a childhood. There comes a time and a point where his friends decided that Adam Brick Guy can no longer brick this passion alone. The cost of getting the bricks to give away to local kids is too much for one person, even Adam Brick Guy! Plus with all the local and regional charities, there are a lot of kids that need Adam Brick Guy to come visit them and give them some bricks to play with….So the creation of Adam Brick Guy Project happened.

We are seeking any donations of actual bricks (i.e. Lego, Mega Blocks, the knock-offs bricks), new or gently used. See we have rummaged thru our closets and garages and got Adam a few more bricks to give to the kids, but we know that all of the World has a few hundred thousand bricks laying about…


How about it World? Have a heart of bricks and give them up…. we promise that they will be sorted, washed and given out to kids to be loved again…. and that is pretty cool.

If you don’t have bricks and you have some cash (fondly called brick money here at Adam Brick Guy Project) that you would like to donate for the purchase of bricks, we will gladly accept it too. We always use 100% of the donations to purchase the bricks, and the bricks are usually on sale for better savings through bulk purchasing!!! Plus everybody here at Adam Brick Guy Project, even Adam Brick Guy is volunteering, nobody is paid. 100% of the money donations go to purchasing bricks, period, every time. Our word is our bond, (spitting in our hand to shake if you want.)

SO WE NEED YOUR BRICKS!!! (pretty please)


Here is what to do:

1. Write us at AdamBrickGuy @ gmail (dot) com and we will get you an address to ship your donation of bricks and any brick money you!)

2. Then ship them and feel the love build!!!

Oh, and thanks from us here at ABG Project and from Adam Brick Guy. The truth is we appreciate each & every brick that we can give out to these kids….Thanks again.



Great things are done by a series of small things that are brought together.

– Vincent Van Gogh

Lego Duplo Photo by Arto Alanenpaa / CC BY-SA 3.0

Disclaimer: Adam Brick Guy Project is not associated with, endorsed by or even second cousin related to anybody with those major brand names of bricks. They are great bricks & brickmakers and we don’t want to meet their lawyers. We are just a bunch of silly people doing a bunch of good in the world, so we play nice and we know that everybody retains their respective copyright, trademark and other legal monikers with their bricks. We are here to build up some cool projects and have fun with kids.  That is all. Thanks!